Body Painting Portrait Session

$250 - 15 Images - 2hr
Paint coverage includes torso and up, including arms and hands.

Let me illuminate you and all that you are feeling. In this session you will enter a journey that will bring you a sense of power, enlightenment, and higher vibration. Allow yourself the gift of turning into art and creating an image you will keep for all your life. Allow me to show you how I see you.

Full Body Painting Session

$350 - 15 Images - 3hr
Paint coverage includes entire body.

Allow your body to be seen as a gift. Celebrate this beautiful vessel we are all so fortunate have. Whether you feel the need to soften and find your goddess yin nature, or perhaps fire up your yang masculine presence, we will create space for a new way of looking at your divine body. We will capture the rawness of your experience and the need you feel to express yourself and be seen.


Events & Party’s

Make your event fun and memorable for those attending! Face Paintings and Live Paintings are great for expression, creativity, and community lets come together ATX

Prices vary depending on event please email-