- Illuminate the human soul.

Before you arrive

After you contact me, I’ll email you and we’ll arrange a short phone call or video chat, whichever your prefer. We’ll get to know one another and go more in depth about what your personal goals are for the images you desire. From there we can make a plan for what type of clothing is needed to bring and any accessories needed for imagery changes throughout the shoot. We’ll also discuss if you’d like to take photos outside in addition to those in the studio — this way there is no surprise if we choose to change scenery.

On the day of the shoot, I suggest to:

  • Center yourself with a morning workout and/or meditation.

  • Have a nourishing meal before the session.

  • Bring a full water bottle to stay hydrated, and a snack.

  • Reflect on how you have been feeling that day, that week and decide what emotion you would like to see come through in your images.

  • Find the powerful words that come to mind that day when you think of yourself and the growth you are pursuing? Write them down and we can move through all of that together.

During the session

Once you arrive at the studio, I’ll welcome you in and we’ll create a comfortable, safe space so that you have a smooth-flowing, stress-free session. I will have us set up so that we can begin covering your wonderful body in paint. The painting can take from 1-3 hours depending on how much space we are covering.

Once we have transformed you into art, we begin taking pictures. I take roughly 150 images, giving me a plethora of images from which I can choose. Closing up the session is always fun and exciting, knowing we have generated powerful images of you.

After the session

The body paint comes off easily with soap and water. If we end up putting paint in your hair, I recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil after washing your hair — I suggest doing this two times.

I’ll take time to edit your images, and within three days, I’ll send you a link where you can download the best 15 photos.