Be Bold & Brave. Be the Canvas.

Do you fully appreciate the unique beauty you possess? If not, I can empathize. I have been in that space before, and it is painful. We can overcome this by choosing to see ourselves in a brand new and honest way by being raw through our expression.

In this truly unique body paint photo session, you’ll be inspired to shatter self-limiting beliefs as you blossom into a beautiful work of art and feel genuinely powerful & free. Allow me to guide you through this transformative experience and together we’ll create a masterpiece. Invest in yourself:

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$250 - 15 Images - 2hr
Paint coverage includes torso and up, including hands and arms.


$350 - 15 Images - 4hr
Paint coverage includes entire body.





“I've had two sessions with Erikka, and they were both amazing experiences. The first included my youngest son, and she captured so much more than I ever thought possible. Both shoots allowed for and supported healing, Love and growth! Erikka is not only a beautiful soul, but a multi-talented artist.”



“Working with Erikka was a healing experience. Not only is she a skilled artist but a sweet gentle soul who sees who people truly are. She made me feel so comfortable being confident in front of the camera and gave me the gift of some more self love. She’s a friend to all and a really special, grounding presence.”



“What an artist! Erikka has a special sense for what looks good on different bodies. Not only that, but she made me feel comfortable and confident during the photo shoot.”



“Working with Erikka was beyond enjoyable, creative and incredibly rewarding. I felt so relaxed, appreciated an was inspired to tap into my own creative processes. She is a born natural and her passion for what she does shines so clearly. She truly cares about the work she is producing and our conversation just added to the entire shoot. I would be back in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone who is craving an empowering experience not to mention top notch photographs.”



“Working with Erikka felt like a very important step in my personal journey through grief.
There are many layers of grief that simply cannot be expressed through words.
Erikka embodies a sturdy endless groundness in her approach towards listening and truly feeling where deep emotions stem from.
She has a way of listening with her heart and from that place there is a meeting place where Erikka allows depth of emotion while holding healthy boundaries so that art and emotion has a place to be seen and acknowledged.
When I saw my pictures, I wept.
I was able to see what has been held inside and from that place, I am able to have compassion for the depth of the loss of my only child towards my own heart....
My experience with Erikka has been profound as I watch my life unfold as a result of these very powerful images of myself that I draw upon as a reminder of where I have been and my progress, according to me.
As a result of this very deep work.
I am also able to see the beauty of grief through our work.
I see the intense love for my loss and the life of my son.
Forever Grateful to Erikka and her profound gifts of care and attention to detail of emotion and how she brings emotion to life visually.”